Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ramnika Foundation is committed to bring in egalitarian change in society through empowerment of the marginalized and oppressed communities, specially Tribals. A modern society which can not liberate the victims of institutionalized discrimination has no right to call itself a civilized and democratic society.

Our main aim and agenda is to generate socio-cultural forces that are necessary for bringing attitudinal change in people’s outlook towards the victims of socio-cultural injustice, especially the Tribals, Dalits and women.

For this it is very essential that victims of injustice, exploitation and discriminated classes come forward and assert their voice in a united way. To enable them to assert, it is also essential that they shake off their inferiority complex which they have developed due to the age old suppression and subjugation. It is also necessary that they fight for their self respect and identity.

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